The Tower of Timpanoi (2016), performed by Brent Miller with Nathan Gatenby. The traditional game  The Tower of Hanoi is re-presented as a game in which 5 sound gestures are transferred between 3 timpani.

Gamelan DanAnda playing Gajah Nongklang at Wonderful Indonesia Beach Festival  Jan 2017. K. Travers Eira and Jeremy Dullard on drums

Verge (2019), performed by members of Elision - Peter Neville (percussion), Ben Marks (trombone), Carl Rosman (bass clarinet)


Tearing was selected for performance by a very small consortium at the University of Wisconsin 6:30 Concert Series, April 2nd 2019. Live streamed at (note you may need to Like the UWGB page to view this video). Tearing is at 1:07:33.

Synaesthesia (2013), a collaborative live installation performed at Omnibus Gallery, Ballan, with sculptures by Velislav Georgiev.

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background image by Sarah Peckham