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Composer and Performer
Festival of Bells, St James Old Cathedral, West Melbourne, March 21st 2020

This exciting Festival involves both the Tower Bells and the unusual Mini Ring, as well as a choral ensemble and the Federation handbells. It will feature several composers of the Melbourne Composers' League.

Coastlines (Illusions)

Part of the Dislocations project, the short version of Coastlines will be performed in May by Ryan Williams, contrabass Paetzold recorder. Mandelbrot/Richardson's work (1967) shows how the definition of coastlines depends on the scale of measurement. This principle links to their work on fractals, which together give me structural tools transferable to principles of musical form. Coastlines change constantly: with tides, sea level, erosion. They are mapped as solid lines but are ultimately unlocatable.

Bell Curve - presented by Speak Percussion at the Grainger Museum, Thurs Oct 3, 7pm.

A work for twelve spatialised bell players composed by Eugene Ughetti, Artistic Director of Speak Percussion. Twelve independent parts are controlled by networked wireless click tracks to create a complex exchange of rhythmic and spatial structures.


So many of us struggle to understand how it is that we can belong.

Dislocations interprets movement through geographic space as both history and metaphor. Maps as texts of representation and interpretation. Immigration, exile, loss, integration, displacement, disjunction, exploration, conquest. The existential status of borders and their implications for many other kinds of boundary.

Dislocations is a multi-part project in which I hope to offer a place of exploration of our relationships to journey, identity and belonging for all those who traverse.

artwork by sarah peckham for Nameless the Land Her Names

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