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Composer and Performer
Bell Curve - presented by Speak Percussion at the Grainger Museum, Thurs Oct 3, 7pm.

I am very happy to be performing in this iteration of Bell Curve, a work for twelve spatialised bell players composed by Eugene Ughetti, Artistic Director of Speak Percussion. Twelve independent parts are controlled by networked wireless click tracks to create a complex exchange of rhythmic and spatial structures.

New Voices - Elision concert at Hanson Dyer Hall, Ian Potter Southbank Centre, Tues July 30, 730pm

This concert included my new work Verge, for bass clarinet and trombone duo with percussion. Exploring the very edge of constancy and change. The fear of entrapment or the fear of the void - the hope of safety or the hope of freedom...

University of Wisconsin 6:30 Concert Series, April 2nd 2019. My piece Tearing was selected for this performance in the ensemble's annual call for compositions. Live streamed at https://www.facebook.com/UWGBMusic/videos/562465157595881/ (note you may need to Like the UWGB page to view this video). Tearing is at 1:07:33.

Coastlines (Illusions)

Coastlines are inherently unmeasurable and ultimately unlocatable. Coastlines (Illusions) is inspired by Richardson/Mandelbrot concepts of fractals and the ever-smaller scope (measuring tool) that results in an ever-longer coastline measurement. For this project, I am working with Ryan Williams, recorder player extraordinaire, on a cyclic work which zooms in ever closer on the molecular components of movement between player and instrument, and between one note and the next.

artwork by sarah peckham for Nameless the Land Her Names

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