Composer and Performer

This forward-looking project curated by Gemma Horbury was launched by La Mamaica on Sept 29, 2020.

La Mama Musica @
La Mama Courthouse, Mon June 7, 7:30 (produced by Gemma Horbury)

Originally scheduled May 2020, (dis)locations is to be redeveloped and presented live in 2021

      Maps: selective interpretations that reinforce particular ways of seeing.

      Maps: illusions of reality.

      Maps: tools, records and metaphors – of measurement, of travel, of change, of exploration, immigration,          aggression and loss…

      Maps: notation, instruments, starting point and framework…

(dis)locations: A place of exploration of journey, identity and belonging, for all those who traverse.  

Power and Control - Alison Fane, percussion (ANAM)

During 2020, I collabroated with Alison Fane on the development of my new work Interstices, which explores the spaces in between what we conventionally think of as 'the music'. 
Who might we be if we were not constrained into limited possibilities for being? What potentialities are discarded before they even emerge into consciousness? What becomes audible if we learn to listen beyond the boundaries of this music? Premiere TBA, 2021.
Festival of Bells, St James Old Cathedral, West Melbourne (Originally scheduled March 21st 2020)

This exciting Festival involves both the Tower Bells and the unusual Mini Ring, as well as a choral ensemble and the Federation handbells. It will feature several composers of the Melbourne Composers' League, including the première of my Triple palindromic bob in doubles for St James.

photo courtesy Darren Gill